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YoYoFactory 44 YoYo

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The YoYoFactory Model 44 yoyo originally came out a couple years ago and was priced at $85. The size/shape is similar to the YoYoFactory Boss with a clean, smooth, sweeping, rounded design.

Due to an oversight on our part when we revised the YoYoLoco website last year - the 44 was not listed and sat on a shelf here, sad and lonely. Nice yoyo and the soft matte finish is well done.

*** For intermediate to advanced players. This is a non-responsive yoyo, you must do a "bind return" in order to get this yoyo to return to your hand.

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• Weight: 66.4 gm
• Diameter: 50.4 mm
• Width: 41.3 mm
• Gap: 4.7 mm
• Response: K-Pad (Large Bearing, Slim Pad)
• Bearing: Large Spec Bearing (.250 x .500 x .187 in)

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